About Us

You are Never Alone

Established in 2001, through a group of lawyers and members of civil society, who have worked so long in society, and participated in humanitarian, social and against corruption fields, also participated in raising awareness between family members and society in general. The most important goals of this association are activating the culture of dialogue among members of the Lebanese families, spreading the concept of the rights of the family, and reaching the principle of equality regarding women.

Mission and goals

Raising the level of women in society, improving their conditions, preparing them in the right way to play their role in building their society and the pride of their homeland, and providing humanitarian, health, social, educational and cultural services to them in various stages of work, and in different circumstances, and doing everything that is good for women.
Seeking to liberate Lebanese legislation from unfair laws regarding women.
Combating all forms of discrimination and violence against women.
Following up on the implementation of international laws and conventions to allow women exercise their human rights at the local, regional and international levels.
Work to build women's capabilities and involve them in economic, political, social, and educational decision-making.
Developing and activating the role of women to include contributing to construction and community development.
Educating women and providing them with education and vocational training.
The development of media institutions and the information system and the development of human resources capabilities and work policies to serve women's issues.
Developing policies and legal reforms and generalizing the concept of gender.
Providing support and cooperation with civil society organizations working on gender equality programs.